Steroid Abuse in Professional Sports

Drug Abuse - anabolic steroids

Drug Abuse – anabolic steroids

Anabolic steroids are used by young athletes to make a distinctive mark in school, domestic, national, and international teams while professional sportsmen use steroids to maintain their place in individual or team sports. The desire to win at all costs and run faster, hit harder, and jump higher is one of the biggest factors behind the surge of anabolic steroids in sports during the last few decades.

Athletes also admire steroids as they help them benefit from lean muscle mass and increased body strength. The use of steroids is also associated with euphoria and a heightened self-esteem and even promotion of a positive nitrogen balance by the reversal of catabolic processes. Anabolic steroid use is also related to increased protein synthesis, decreased nitrogen excretion, improved nitrogen balance, increased concentration of total plasma amino acids, positive changes in terms of libido, muscle mass, weight, stamina, strength, performance, and sense of well being. The fact that these performance enhancing drugs even help sportsmen train longer and frequently with unmatched intensity also helps sportsmen stay close to success and recognition in more than just a way.

In addition to these distinctive advantages, use of steroids is also associated with a dramatic increase in the deposition of protein as muscle or protein biosynthesis and oxygenation of the blood. Moreover, use of these drugs even help in promotion of nitrogen retention, which is an indication that proteins are being converted to muscles. If that was not all, these potent drugs are even beneficial in preventing catabolism, which is naturally occurring breakdown of lean muscle tissue. When complemented with resistance training and a diet high in calories, anabolic drugs can cause an increase in protein synthesis to provide protein molecules being used by the human body for increasing strength and size of the skeletal muscle cell (major muscles of the body).

Moreover, use of these powerful drugs is also associated with dramatic increase in the production of nitrogenous compound called Creatine Phosphate (CP), which promotes the storage of specific enzymes in a muscle cell such as ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). Use of these drugs for a period of two to three weeks can even increase blood volume by as much as 10 to 20 percent to help sportsmen gain strong muscles and vascular appearance. The list of advantages associated with these drugs does not end here. They are also effective in promoting growth and development of primary and secondary male sexual characteristics such as increased production of oil on the skin by the sebaceous glands, development of the penis, sexual behavior, maturation of the sperm, growth of body hair, growth of facial hair, male pattern baldness, and deepening of the voice.

While some sportsmen make use of these performance enhancing drugs to lose or gain weight, others use them for improving body strength, appearance, endurance, performance, and stay close to name, fame, and recognition and even attracting attention of coaches and sport lovers. Since steroids have the potential of affecting the outcome of sports contests, the abuse of anabolic drugs is widespread among budding as well as professional sportsmen. In the last four decades, many sportsmen have tainted the legitimacy of many sport events and gained an unfair advantage by using steroids though some of them were stripped from competition and even banned. Today, anti-doping agencies and sportsmen on steroids are almost on a competition with each other though the agencies are lenient to sportsmen who make legitimate therapeutic use of steroids when the same is administered and approved by a qualified physician for legal (medical) reasons.

Steroid Use In Baseball

Baseball And Steroids Documentary

Major League Baseball has been struggling with use of banned substances for the last many decades. On 60 Minutes and in a tell-all book Juiced, Jose Canseco said as many as 80% of players used anabolic steroids and even went on to credit his entire career to these performance enhancing drugs. Ken Caminiti revealed in the past that he won the National League Most Valuable Player award in 1996 while on anabolic steroids. In 2009, Alex Rodriguez admitted to having used performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) between 2001 and 2003. In January 2010, Mark McGwire admitted he had used anabolic steroids and human growth hormone (HGH) off and on for over a decade.

Some of the baseball players who have been accused for using performance enhancing drugs include Alex Sánchez, Barry Bonds, Jorge Piedra, Agustín Montero, Juan Rincón, Rafael Betancourt, Rafael Palmeiro, Ryan Franklin, Mike Morse, Carlos Almanzar, Félix Heredia, Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, Miguel Tejada, Brian Roberts, Edinson Volquez, and Jay Gibbons.

Steroid Use In Football

2009 Youth Football Camp – Steroid DIscussion

The use of performance enhancing drugs and anabolic steroids in football has been widespread since the last five decades. Some of the most reputed footballers who were accused of or admitted to anabolic steroid use are Lyle Alzado, Denver Broncos defensive lineman Lyle Alzado, Bill Romanowski, Tyrone Wheatley, Barrett Robbins, Chris Cooper and Dana Stubblefield.

These performance enhancing drugs are banned by almost all major sport bodies including the National Basketball Association, the National Football League, the Olympics, and Fédération Internationale de Football Association. Anabolic steroids are also banned by the ATP, WTA, ITF, International Olympic Committee, FIFA, UEFA, major professional golf tours, the National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, the European Athletic Association, WWE, and the UCI.

Steroids have been used by athletes in many professional sports, such as cricket, shot put, cycling, baseball, wrestling, track and field, weight lifting, bodybuilding, mixed martial arts, boxing, and football.

The use of anabolic steroids is not just limited to baseball and football. Many eminent sportsmen such as Andre Agassi, Johan Ackermann, Lyle Alzado, Mikel Astarloza, Nathan Baggaley, Josh Barnett, Marta Bastianelli, Alberto Contador, Dario Frigo, and Philippe Gaumont have been accused of using steroids and performance enhancing drugs. Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted to making use of anabolic steroids during his bodybuilding career. Jason Giambi, Royce Gracie, Christian Henn, Jessica Hardy, Petr Korda, Diego Maradona, Georgi Markov, Mark Nielsen, and Andrea Pollack have admitted to or been victims of accusations of steroid use. In the world of cricket, Sri Lanka’s Upul Tharanga, Shane Warne of Australia and Pakistan’s Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif have been accused of using anabolic steroids.

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Drug Abuse – anabolic steroids